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Sylvie Laufeydottir (the deuteragonist of the series) is a variant of Loki Laufeyson. Sylvie hid throughout the timelines while striving vengeance against the TVA and the Time-Keepers. On the cusp of her plan's success, Another Loki variant interrupted her and allied. With a convinced Loki about the TVA's deceptions; They fought them only to find the Time-Keepers being fake. With Loki as her only ally, Sylvie followed him into the Void in the wake of Ravonna Renslayer sending him there. They found and confronted He Who Remains, the creator of the TVA. Even though Loki warned her about the consequences, Sylvie acted rashly, killing He Who Remains, causing the Multiverse to split apart and Kang the Conqueror to gain power.


Sylvie is a blonde-haired woman with blue eyes, with her hair down usually. She wears a majestic green battlesuit and a horned golden crown with the right horn broken off. Before she reveals her face, she wears a dark-hooded cloak.


Sylvie is a determined person, working for her entire life to destroy the TVA. She uses her natural “Loki cleverness” to put the TVA to the test, luring agents to different timelines and entrapping them. Sylvie learned that hiding in apocalypses could mask any nexus event Sylvie could create, using them as her base of operations. She was able to run from the TVA for several years, showing her extraordinary resourcefulness.

Yet, her determination to destroy the TVA can get the better of her. Her years on the run left her distrusting others and cautious toward those she is. Even after teaming with Loki through the Void, she still doubted him. Kang the Conqueror points this out, asking if she can trust others. She drives her determination on anger and vengeance. This anger does its act without thinking, as she killed Kang the Conqueror despite knowing the consequences.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a variant of Loki, and her years on the run from the TVA, Sylvie Laufeydottir is a compelling character; some of her feats listed below are:

Mental Manipulation: Sylvie has constantly displayed her ability to manipulate one’s mental state and mind with her own, the most common form being “Enchanting”. She can use a version of possession, see and twist the memories of others, and more.

  • Enchantment: Sylvie can enchant one’s mind by feeling it and grabbing it. It is a form of mental control she frequently uses throughout Season One. Sylvie was able to charm several people, such as Hunter B-15, Randy, and an unnamed man engaged in physical contact with. She was able to find and twist the memories of Hunter C-20, seeing where the Time Keepers are. With Loki's help, she was able to manipulate Alioth, the matter-consuming beast, and used it to find He Who Remains.
    • Power Bestowal: After possessing an unnamed man, she augmented his strength to counter with Loki’s when engaging in hand-to-hand combat
  • Telekinesis: After the Tem Pad broke, Sylvie expressed her anger by sending an Omni-directional wave that pushed away anything around her.
  • Energy Generation: Sylvie can generate green blasts of energy that can knock aside anything it hits, including a fully grown human.