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"Someone created the Time-Keepers. They created this whole place. They gave us all purpose. I have to believe they had a reason."
―Ravonna Renslayer to Mobius M. Mobius[src]

Ravonna Lexus Renslayer is a judge of the Time Variance Authority who oversaw the TVA on behalf of He Who Remains. Born Rebecca Tourminet, she was a Variant of Tourminet who was taken by the TVA and had her memories erased, becoming Hunter A-23. During one mission as a Hunter, she was assigned with capturing Sylvie Laufeydottir, a female Variant of Loki, although Sylvie escaped. After eons of service at the TVA, during which she formed a close friendship with Mobius M. Mobius, she was promoted to preside over the TVA as a judge.


Before Taken By “TVA”[]

In a branch timeline, a Variant of Vice Principal Rebecca Tourminet became part of a Nexus Event and was captured by He Who Remains. He suppressed her memory, altering it to make her believe she was created by the beings known as the Time-Keepers and renamed her "Ravonna Renslayer" so that she could be a member of the Time Variance Authority, an organization he created to protects the Sacred Timeline from dangerous Variants, and stopping the potential creation of another Multiverse. He Who Remains made sure to purge himself from her memories, making her think the Time-Keepers themselves created the TVA.

Arresting Sylvie[]

Renslayer was trained in the military and in fighting her muscle memory, serving as a Hunter under the name of Hunter A-23. On one mission, Renslayer and some Minutemen arrived via Timedoor to Asgardin an alternate timeline. There she and the other Minutemen arrested the Variant, who was a young child at the time, and kidnapped her, taking her to the TVA.

Renslayer then accompanied the Variant to the courtroom for her trial. However, the Variant bit her arm, stole her TemPad, and ran away from her into a Timedoor.Sometime afterwards, Renslayer became a TVA Judge. After becoming a judge, Renslayer stopped displaying her fighting skills as much, relying all fighting to the Minutemen.


Loki’s Trial[]

"Variant L1130, AKA Loki Laufeyson, is charged with sequence violation 7-20-89. How do you plead?""Madam, a god doesn't plead."
―Ravonna Renslayer and Loki[src]

Renslayer was the judge chosen to give the ruling on a case in which a Variant of Loki Laufeyson caused a nexus event in the timeline. When asked how he pleaded, Loki repeatedly deviated from the subject of his trial and mocked the TVA, much to Renslayer's annoyance. Loki claimed the branching timeline was a result of the Avengers going back in time, suggesting they should be arrested instead of him; Renslayer informed Loki that the Avengers' actions were supposed to happen, and that his nexus event was not, once again insisting that Loki make his case for how he pleaded.

Eventually, growing tired with Loki's ranting, Renslayer gave him the "guilty" verdict and ordered him to be reset. Loki questioned what that meant as he was dragged away by TVA agents, but the intervention of Agent Mobius M. Mobius would save the God of Mischief. Mobius would stand before Renslayer, explaining that he wanted to question Loki to learn more about his current case, and while Renslayer was skeptical, she agreed to let Mobius talk with Loki. The two then left, while Renslayer moved on to her next case.